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  • Chronic Pain Management ChronicPain In the following piece, BCMS member Dr. Jason T. Bundy provides a de-identified case history of a patient with chronic pain. It illustrates many of the complexities, competing priorities, and limitations physicians who treat chronic, non-cancer pain patients often grapple with, and delineates his approach to trying to help such patients while minimizing the risks. ... Read more
  • The Treatment of Addiction The-Treatment-of-Addiction-01The word “addict” no longer has a place in the English language. I know that many people will use that term as a badge of honor. But the word is most often used as a derogatory comment and, therefore, it is still not an appropriate word. To say someone is an “addict” is to say ... Read more
  • Berks Own Opioid Crisis Berks-Own-Opioid-CrisisIt will come as no surprise to anyone who pays attention to Berks County news outlets (such as the Reading Eagle newspaper) that our community has not proved immune to the epidemic of opioid drug abuse currently affecting the U.S. In recognition of the severity of this crisis, the Berks County Medical Society has formed ... Read more
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  • Cedric C. Jimerson, MD Surgical Internship – The New York Hospital Surgical-Internship-CedricEditor’s Introduction Cedric C. Jimerson was born in August 1919 in Hornby, NY. His father was a farmer who had graduated from Alfred College. In addition to working his 110-acre farm, he was head of the vocational shop at a high school in nearby Corning and was a home-builder. When Cedric was 13, his father died ... Read more
  • BCMS Members Mentor Students’ Summer Research MentorStudentsBy: Lucy J. Cairns, MD Berks County physicians encourage bright young people from our community to pursue careers in the health care field in a variety of ways, including participating in career days at schools, allowing students to observe clinical practice, and offering clinical and research training to college students and medical students. The research abstracts ... Read more
  • Thinking of Retiring Soon? RetirementBy: Daniel B. Kimball, M.D., F.A.C.P. Don’t Forget Some Important Details! Earlier this year while I was answering telephone calls at our medical society office, I was reminded of some important details related to retiring or closing one’s practice that are important to our patients and to us. I received calls from two different individuals and family members ... Read more
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