Foundation Update

Summer 2014
By Lou Verna, Sr. Case Manager

Lou Verna, St. Case Manager

Lou Verna, St. Case Manager

The Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society Pennsylvania PHP staff is now offering intervention services to physicians and those who care about them. Sr. Case Manager Lou Verna is certified in intervention services.

Intervention. Once thought of as a confrontational tool in treating addiction has developed into a “carefrontational” approach that demonstrates care and concern not only for the impaired individual, but also the family, friends, employers, and coworkers impacted by addiction or behavioral issues.

Intervention is a way to address enabling behaviors and empowers those held hostage by addiction or behavioral problems and the challenges they present. People learn to utilize community resources and develop strategies for taking their lives back and returning to a healthy, productive lifestyle on a daily basis.

Those impacted by addiction quite often sit by helplessly witnessing and even contributing to the dysfunction. The process of intervention will allow those impacted to take charge of the situation, freeing them from being held hostage.

The importance of recognizing, defining, developing, and implementing solutions is paramount. Early recognition cannot be stressed enough. Too often, the addictive patterns and behaviors are allowed to continue and go on unchallenged.

When determining whether an intervention is needed, some of the signs to look for are: absenteeism, excessive sick leave, tardiness, and Friday / Monday absences. In addition, absences prior to and after holidays can be telling. Accident rates, poor work performance, or poor relationships or disruptive behavior in the workplace also are significant factors.

The process of coaching a team for the intervention can be initiated by a phone call to the PHP. This can be the start of a well thought out process that will help alleviate conditions and behaviors that have a far reaching impact on the outcome.

An interview will be conducted over the phone which will address the needs of the organization, family, employer, or coworker. The intervention process will be discussed as team members will be determined or eliminated. Those who continue to demonstrate enabling behaviors will be eliminated from the intervention team. A dialogue with concrete examples of the behaviors exhibited will be created and rehearsed. Finally a time and place will be determined for the intervention to take place and ultimately the recommendations for treatment to begin the process of resolution. Contact us for more information.