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Improving Transitions of Care

by Patti J. Brown, M.D.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Medical Director, HealthSouth Reading Rehabilitation Hospital

It is that time of year again. Our hospital’s Joint Commission Accreditation is due and we are reviewing Patient Safety Goals. When reviewing the goals it is easy to see the true meaning and purpose behind them. Acute Rehabilitation hospitals are licensed as acute care hospitals and are subject to the same rules as acute care hospitals. The patient safety goal of medication reconciliation has been easy to embrace at rehabilitation hospitals. An accurate list of the patient’s medication is imperative to good transitions of care.

Cedric C. Jimerson, MD Surgical Internship – The New York Hospital

Editor’s Introduction

Cedric C. Jimerson was born in August 1919 in Hornby, NY. His father was a farmer who had graduated from Alfred College. In addition to working his 110-acre farm, he was head of the vocational shop at a high school in nearby Corning and was a home-builder. When Cedric was 13, his father died of tetanus, leaving his mother with four children under the age of 14. She began teaching for a dollar a day in one-room schools in the county and told the children they would have to work their way through college. Cedric proceeded to do just that, at Cornell University, and was one of seven students admitted to Cornell Medical College after his junior year. After graduating in 1943, he began his surgical training at The New York Hospital in New York City. His training was interrupted after his first year by military service, and he spent the next 2 ½ years as Captain and surgeon with the U.S. Army Medical Corps. He resumed formal training in 1946, first back at The New York Hospital in general surgery, then in thoracic surgery at the Bronx VA Hospital and at a VA hospital in upstate N.Y. Finally, he completed a senior resident year at New Britain General Hospital in New Britain, CT, followed by a 6-month pathology residency at the same institution.

BCMS Members Mentor Students’ Summer Research

By: Lucy J. Cairns, MD

Berks County physicians encourage bright young people from our community to pursue careers in the health care field in a variety of ways, including participating in career days at schools, allowing students to observe clinical practice, and offering clinical and research training to college students and medical students. The research abstracts presented here summarize projects completed by students during a 6-week internship program offered by the Reading Health System. This valuable experience will stand these students in good stead as they pursue their ultimate career goals. We hope that at least some of these future health professionals will return to the community that nurtured them and return the favor. — Lucy J. Cairns, MD