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Administering Naloxone

In this edition of, Kristen M. Sandel, MD, discusses opioid addition and the use of Naloxone. She provides some essential tips on administering and prescribing Naloxone. Click the read more link to watch this episode.

DOH Launches Prescription Drug Monitoring Program to Combat Opioid Abuse – Here’s What You Need to Know

Pennsylvania physicians who are licensed, registered, or otherwise lawfully authorized to prescribe controlled substances, other drug or device in the course of professional practice, or research in this Commonwealth are required to register in the state’s new controlled substances monitoring program (PDMP).

Once you have registered, the system will be ready for query beginning Aug. 25, 2016, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH). DOH’s PDMP webpage contains more information, including a link to register.

According to the law, once registered, prescribers shall query the system for each patient the first time the patient is prescribed a controlled substance by the prescriber for purposes of establishing a baseline and a thorough medical record. A prescriber shall also query the system if he or she believes or has reason to believe, using sound clinical judgment, that a patient may be abusing or diverting drugs.

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Seniors and Substance Use: SBIRT Aids in Screening and Intervention

DrGarbely-Caron-articleby Joseph Garbely, DO
Medical Director, Caron Treatment Centers

As physicians, we are well aware of the growing senior population. One of the greatest challenges we face is one that is not always obvious. That is, possible alcohol or drug use and the potential for addiction.

The fact is that substance use in adults 65 and over is America’s fastest growing health issue, with 6%-10% of elderly hospital admissions resulting from a drug or alcohol problem. Substance use can mask or exacerbate other underlying conditions, making identification and intervention critical. The SBIRT screening and intervention process can help.